Highlights from today’s Canadian theatrosphere

Hot day on the Great White North theatre blog tundra today (it’s…alive!), a day worthy of a round-up. Check out these great posts:

Pitch-hitting blogger Evan Webber over at Chris Dupuis’ Time and Space sums up his TO Fringe experience. Heading into the festival with a mission to determine the answer to the question “what do people like” from their indie theatre, Evan comes out the other end with some great observations.

“From this angle, what people like (and what I like too) are performances in which the ambition to communicate is desperate and huge, shows that ask a lot.”

Read on for more of that…

Marketer/blog master Ian Mackenzie has sourced out a video that takes 18 minutes to address 87% of the discussion on the theatrenets. Author Malcolm Gladwell (Blink, The Tipping Point) discusses the origin of diverse consumer product choice and the importance of a varied market, and Ian grafts it onto theatre. Brilliant.

“What theatre can learn from spaghetti sauce”…

And over at Michael Rubenfeld’s Summerworks blog, a bona fide brouhaha erupts in the comments section of a festival promotional video that brings out Toronto theatre’s serious side. And they call us No-Fun City.

Click for a lesson in how to get internet conversations about theatre started…


  1. Ha! We’re not so different after all. No incitement to physical violence yet though, so we’ve got that.

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