New listing service alert!

Further to yesterday’s post on us indie theatrists making full use of the publicity resources available to us (on which I was quite rightly called out for my chastising tone, but honestly, I just get frustrated with the state of the union sometimes. And I’m one of the soft-spoken bloggers on the theatroshpere.), comes this link sent to me by a new site that seems to be snowballing in popularity.

UQ Events is a new social networking site (I know, I know, just hang on a second) that is dedicated to spreading the word about events happening in your area across the entertainment spectrum, and it’s searchable by discipline. It’s fully free to members and allows you you post cast photos, bios, complete production descriptions, ticketing and website links, maps to theatre etc., even video. The big house civic theatres here in Vancouver are already on it, but it has yet to catch on with the indie scene. (What? That wasn’t chastising! Yeesh.)

And right now, but only for a limited time, they’re offering free placement of opening night events on their homepage.

This web marketing thing may catch on yet…

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