A few good clicks

Some points of interest for your free web time today…

jessicasmallFirst off, my delightful and unstoppable acting mentor Jessica Van der Veen (the woman responsible for the theatre obsessive in me) has leaped from the classroom to the political arena and is seeking provincial candidacy for the Oak Bay/Gordon Head area of Vancouver Island. This is the kind of woman you want in your corner, believe me. Her Guiding Principle:

Everyone deserves a fair shot at life, no matter what their background, income or situation.

I choose to run provincially because I value stewardship of public lands and resources and universality of public healthcare, education and social services.

It’s hard to argue with her platform. Check it out at her official candidacy site here. I’m such a proud little acting class nerd.

Next up: Vancouver theatre is all a-Twitter, as they say. Now, I’m not going to go into a twitter sales-pitch here (smarter people than me can handle that), I know it sounds like a strange and vaguely useless idea right now – kinda like Facebook used to sound like once upon a time – all I’ll say is that when The Electric Company climbs on board, something’s happening. You can follow them over here. And if you’d like to jump into a conversation pool with theatrists all over the planet, I’ve got your swimming hole right here. Follow your brains out.

You’ll want to get to know Kris, for sure, a more entertaining twitterer you’ll not find. And Rebecca. And Lois. Trilby for sure. And these guys. Definitely Deb. Maybe this nerd. And Travis. Tell me when to stop…

And I’ve had no time to jump into any comment forums lately, but if I did I’d be all over this discussion of meaning in our work, and the idea of opening it up to our audience in talkbacks. A post is coming on the subject here, for sure, in the meantime I highly recommend starting here, moving on over here, and finishing up over here. This is the kind of conversation that the theatrosphere was invented for. Great stuff.

I am now officially late for work. Until next time…

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