Kick-starting your Social Marketing program

A year and a half ago I met a firecracker of a theatre publicist. Her name was Rebecca Coleman. Still is, actually.

She was, at the time, busy making a name for herself in the independent arts scene here in Vancouver. A trained actor, a theatre geek, and a single mom, she was springboarding off of her passion in order to generate a steady income to raise young Michael. And, being a workaholic, she was doing just fine at it. Better than fine, actually, she was crushing it. She was attacking her new career with a voracity that you couldn’t help but notice.

I sure couldn’t anyway, because she called me up one day and said “hey, what’s this blogging thing that you’re into all about?”.

I said oh, you know, you just get to self-publish ideas and thoughts and, well, get your stuff out there, you know?

She said “cool, I want to try it. Can I write on your site?”

Instantly detecting the scent of less work in the air I said “hell yeah. Give ‘er.” Thus began one of the more popular features of this here magazine, the Art of the Business series by Rebecca Coleman.

Turned out she was really good at it. So good in fact, that the Art of the Biz – eventually and inevitably – spun off into its own home on the internets, where it flourishes to this day. And Rebecca, well, she continued deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of Social Media, discovering its secrets and realizing its highly potent applications as a marketing weapon, and using various platforms and philosophies to great success in her own business to the increasing benefit of her clients, of which she has too many today to even talk to me. (That last part was a lie. We actually have a burgeoning business giving Social Marketing seminars, workshops and private coachings together. It’s a good thing we get along so well, and that we both have great big senses of humour.)

Now that she has popped out of the other end of that rabbit hole, she has gone ahead and assembled her collected gleanings and wisdoms into a handy Guide to Getting Started With Social Media for Artists and Arts Organizations. It went on sale over at her website at midnight last night, for an introductory offer of $19.95. It’s a simple and well-organized handbook to help you cut through the noise and weirdness of the jungle that is the new way to market. This is a jungle that all businesses, from huge multi-level corporations on down to our little indie theatre troupes have to learn to navigate now. This book is a wonderful resource, and you’re in good hands with Bex as your tour guide.

Click the cover below for more information, and to purchase a copy to call your very own:



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