Innovative casting

How’s this for a fun and innovative theatrical event? Local Playwright William Maranda has written a new piece called At The Corner Of Virtue And Sexmore, and is turning the casting process into a public-participation game.

Billed as a 48 Hour Theatre Contest (why should film have all the fun?), the script has been quartered and distributed to four groups of actors today, who will then have two days to concept their section of the play, all the way down to the costumes. The four crews will present the piece as a whole at Studio 16 this Saturday at 7:00 pm, and the audience gets to vote on the best cast, who will then present the play in a full debut production next year.

Bustin’ molds, I like it. Click the logo below for full details on the contest, and a link to the list of performers…



  1. Hi, I wish I saw this post sooner!

    The Contest was a great success!!!

    We had a small but full house of about 50 people at Studio 16 and that’s with very minimal advertising before hand.

    There were 26 performers, in the end, and ALL of them pulled off their part without a problem. It was hilarious and free spirited. The fun actors have when there is little expectation makes for the most creative show imaginable.

    To our delight (and a little surprise) the four divided parts came together well enough for the audience to follow the story from beginning to end, even with the actors constantly changing throughout.

    The constant shift of performers (and styles) meant that there wasn’t a dull moment and kept the audience’s attention 100%

    In the end, the crowd was very pleased to applaud the performers and there was a definite winner, judging from the audience’s response. Even if the winning actors had packed the house with their friends and families, Writer/Producer William Maranda found it a simple process to choose which group he’d like to see carry out their vision for his play.

    We are so happy with the outcome that we are definitely looking forward to organizing another one for next year’s season.

    Overall, it proved to be a fantastic way to get actors acting, get audience’s laughing and get a play into production!

    Any more questions, contact me at


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