Everybody writes

Click Play then HQ to watch in High Def.

Write Club began as a cheeky little challenge to my company to get in touch with their inner playwright over one summer break. Write a short play, bring it in on the night we reasemble, I buy the beer and pizza, we all cast our scripts and spend the night cold-reading some new works. Just for fun. Kind of a team-building exercise, if you will.

As it turned out, the crew had more than just acting talent tucked into their shorts. That first Write Club spawned a short format festival called Riffs that went off like gangbusters, and now, tradition established, we’re back at it again…

Contains language and subtext most likely NSFW.

All material in the above video is the property of the members of Lyric Stage Project, and is protected under the copyright laws of Canada and all other countries of the Copyright Union.

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